Alexander Calder inspired Mobiles and Stabiles


 Rio Vista 8th grade students use critical thinking and creativity to make these really unique standing and hanging sculptures!  Their objective was to create balance with color, shape and form.


Alexander Calder inspired Mobiles and Stabiles

Camouflaged Creatures

Camouflaged Creatures @riodelmar, Go Dolphins! #3rdgrade #art&science

Step:1 Create a background.  Draw on a 9 x 11 white sheet of paper.  I prefer construction paper. 

Using a ruler or free hand four horizontal lines across the paper (start landscape view). These lines should be at least an inch a part.

Draw in each space the different kinds of places animals and insects love to hide and make a pattern of that one thing (I.e. Rocks, bark, grass, leaves, sand, snow, etc).  See example below.  Make sure you draw it first as a pattern, but more importantly when you color it, you use the colors in a pattern, too.  I had the students use marker, colored pencils or crayons.

step 2: Fold your paper in half like a book then with scissors, cut along the folded part so now you’ll have two pieces. 

Step 3: Find silhouettes of animals and insects that hide or camouflage into their environment and print them onto thick paper (spiders, geckos, butterflies, snakes, lizards, frogs, praingmantis).  Cut out silhouette to form a stencil.

Step4: Take your background and place your stencil on top of it so that it fits.  Using a colored pencil, trace the stencil completely.  Remove stencil and with scissors cut-out your traced image.  The stencil can be thrown away or reused with other students.  

Step 5: Place the cut out image and carefully place it on the other piece of background you made.  Your patterns should line up.  Once you get that right use elmers glue or regular stick glue to add the cut-out image on top.  You’re all done.  Have students share their results.  

Kids love this project because of its magical charm.  



Camouflaged Creatures